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First package in section main for fields: adduser apt base-passwd curl base-files

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subsection       : inst                 vote                 old                  recent               no-files             
admin            : adduser              apt                  base-passwd          sudo                 base-files           
base             : 
cli-mono         : cli-common           mono-runtime         mono-gac             cli-common           cli-common           
comm             : modemmanager         modemmanager         usb-modeswitch       asterisk             asterisk-config      
database         : mysql-common         libreoffice-base     unixodbc             libgda-5.0-common    mysql-common         
debug            : libc6-dbg            libc6-dbg            valgrind-dbg         libc6-dbg            libc6-dbg            
devel            : gettext              desktop-file-utils   gettext              linux-libc-dev       intltool-debian      
doc              : info                 man-db               info                 libssl-doc           manpages             
editors          : nano                 libreoffice-calc     nano                 libreoffice-base-cor libreoffice-style-ga 
education        : gcompris             gcompris             gcompris             gcompris             gcompris-data        
electronics      : gnucap               gnusim8085           gnucap               flashrom             gputils-common       
embedded         : 
fonts            : fontconfig-config    fontconfig           fontconfig           fontconfig           fontconfig-config    
games            : qstat                cgoban               qstat                0ad                  pysycache-buttons-ic 
gnome            : gnome-mime-data      gtk2-engines         libbonobo2-common    anjuta               gnome-mime-data      
gnu-r            : 
gnustep          : 
graphics         : netpbm               feh                  netpbm               gimp                 debian-edu-artwork   
hamradio         : gpredict             gpredict             gpredict             gpredict             gpredict             
haskell          : 
httpd            : apache2-utils        libapache2-mod-auth- apache2-utils        apache2-utils        apache2              
interpreters     : mawk                 gawk                 mawk                 cpp                  cpp                  
introspection    : gir1.2-glib-2.0      gir1.2-atk-1.0       gir1.2-glib-2.0      gir1.2-evince-3.0    gir1.2-accountsservi 
java             : java-common          ant                  java-common          ant                  ca-certificates-java 
javascript       : javascript-common    javascript-common    libjs-edit-area      javascript-common    javascript-common    
kde              : kdelibs-bin          kdelibs5-plugins     kgeography           libreoffice-kde      kdelibs5-data        
kernel           : linux-base           firmware-linux-free  linux-base           dahdi-source         linux-image-686-pae  
libdevel         : libc-dev-bin         libc6-dev            libc-dev-bin         libssl-dev           libpthread-stubs0-de 
libs             : e2fslibs             libc6                klibc-utils          libpython2.7         e2fslibs             
lisp             : cl-asdf              cl-asdf              common-lisp-controll cl-asdf              cl-asdf              
localization     : debconf-i18n         firefox-esr-l10n-de  locales              tzdata               debconf-i18n         
mail             : procmail             exim4-base           procmail             exim4-base           exim4                
math             : bc                   bc                   bc                   bc                   gnuplot              
metapackages     : kdeaccessibility     gnome                gnome                gnome                kdeaccessibility     
misc             : ca-certificates      lsb-base             ca-certificates      ca-certificates      debian-archive-keyri 
net              : bind9-host           net-tools            mime-support         bind9-host           cups-common          
news             : 
ocaml            : ocaml-base           ocaml-base           ocaml-base           ocaml-base           ocaml-base           
oldlibs          : iproute              iproute              libbonoboui2-0       libav-tools          libdbus-glib-1-2     
otherosfs        : dosfstools           dosfstools           dosfstools           qemu-user            openbios-ppc         
perl             : libhtml-parser-perl  perl                 libhtml-tagset-perl  libdbd-mysql-perl    libalgorithm-diff-pe 
php              : php-pear             php-pear             php-pear             libphp-adodb         libphp-adodb         
python           : python               python-minimal       python               python               python-apt-common    
ruby             : ruby                 ruby-shadow          ruby                 ruby-passenger       ruby                 
rust             : 
science          : bodr                 pymol                liblinear-tools      abinit               bodr                 
shells           : bash                 bash                 bash-completion      bash                 bash                 
sound            : esound-common        oss-compat           ladspa-sdk           libsox-fmt-alsa      esound-common        
tasks            : task-ssh-server      task-czech           task-czech           task-czech           task-ssh-server      
tex              : tex-common           lilypond             tex-common           feynmf               lilypond-data        
text             : groff-base           ghostscript          dictionaries-common  libxml2-utils        foomatic-db          
utils            : bsdmainutils         coreutils            bsdmainutils         cpio                 readline-common      
vcs              : patch                git                  patch                mercurial            git-core             
video            : dvd+rw-tools         vlc                  dvd+rw-tools         ffmpeg               kdenlive-data        
web              : wget                 squid                wget                 curl                 squid-common         
x11              : libx11-data          desktop-profiles     xauth                blueman              libx11-data          
xfce             : libxfce4util-common  thunar               exo-utils            exo-utils            libxfce4util-common  
zope             : python-zope.interfac python-zope.interfac python-zope.interfac python-zope.interfac python-zope.interfac 

inst     : number of people who installed this package;
vote     : number of people who use this package regularly;
old      : number of people who installed, but don't use this package regularly;
recent   : number of people who upgraded this package recently;
no-files : number of people whose entry didn't contain enough information (atime
and ctime were 0).

Number of submissions considered: 27

To participate in this survey, install the popularity-contest package and run a script to get it to report both to debian and debian-edu. For example by running this command as user 'root':

GET | sh -x

Please consider registering your school in the list of reference schools, to make it easier for others to get in touch with you.

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