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subsection       : inst                 vote                 old                  recent               no-files             
admin            : amd64-microcode      amd64-microcode      amd64-microcode      amd64-microcode      amd64-microcode      
base             : 
comm             : dahdi-firmware-nonfr dahdi-firmware-nonfr dahdi-firmware-nonfr dahdi-firmware-nonfr dahdi-firmware-nonfr 
database         : 
debug            : 
devel            : 
doc              : 
editors          : 
electronics      : ngspice              ngspice              ngspice              ngspice              ngspice              
fonts            : 
games            : 
gnome            : 
gnu-r            : 
graphics         : icc-profiles         cuneiform            cuneiform            cuneiform            icc-profiles         
hamradio         : 
httpd            : 
interpreters     : 
java             : 
kernel           : firmware-iwlwifi     firmware-bnx2        firmware-iwlwifi     firmware-bnx2        firmware-bnx2        
libdevel         : libcuneiform-dev     libcuneiform-dev     libcuneiform-dev     libcuneiform-dev     libcuneiform-dev     
libs             : libcuneiform0        libcuneiform0        libcuneiform0        libcuneiform0        libcuneiform0        
lisp             : 
mail             : 
math             : 
metapackages     : firmware-linux       firmware-linux-nonfr firmware-linux-nonfr firmware-linux       firmware-linux       
misc             : virtualbox-guest-add virtualbox-guest-add virtualbox-guest-add virtualbox-guest-add virtualbox-guest-add 
net              : dynamips             dynamips             dynamips             dynamips             dynamips             
news             : 
ocaml            : 
oldlibs          : 
otherosfs        : 
perl             : 
php              : 
python           : 
ruby             : 
science          : mgltools-bhtree      mgltools-bhtree      mgltools-bhtree      mgltools-bhtree      mgltools-bhtree      
sound            : mbrola               mbrola               mbrola               mbrola               mbrola-cz2           
tex              : 
text             : stardict-english-cze stardict-english-cze stardict-english-cze stardict-english-cze stardict-english-cze 
utils            : unrar                afio                 unrar                afio                 afio                 
video            : 
web              : album                album                album                album                album                
x11              : 

inst     : number of people who installed this package;
vote     : number of people who use this package regularly;
old      : number of people who installed, but don't use this package regularly;
recent   : number of people who upgraded this package recently;
no-files : number of people whose entry didn't contain enough information (atime
and ctime were 0).

Number of submissions considered: 27

To participate in this survey, install the popularity-contest package and run a script to get it to report both to debian and debian-edu. For example by running this command as user 'root':

GET | sh -x

Please consider registering your school in the list of reference schools, to make it easier for others to get in touch with you.

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